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Concert Review: ¡Mayday! produces a vibe that is unmatched with their South of 5th Tour

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¡Mayday! – South of 5th Tour 11.17.18 (ATL)

Location: Atlanta, GA

Venue: The Vinyl @ Center Stage

Label: Strange Music

Performers: ¡Mayday! (featuring 1Ton, D.U.Ivan and Phil Mauro)

On another frigid Atlanta night, ¡Mayday! produced an unmatched vibe when they brought their South of 5th tour to The Vinyl @ Center Stage. South of 5th is the band’s first Reggae album and their first album to debut #1 on any of the Billboard charts. The Miami-based genre-blending band consists of emcees Wrekonize, Bernz and the percussionist NonMS, and they are currently signed to Tech N9ne’s independent powerhouse Strange Music. They  brought opening acts from across the nation with them including Phil Mauro (Denver, CO.), D.U.Ivan (Miami, FL) and 1Ton of Potluck (Humboldt County, CA).

Opening Acts

Phil Mauro


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The Denver-based emcee started the show with a set that had the crowd rockin’. His music is a blend of rock, pop and hip-hop, and it pairs well with the rest of his tourmates. He has collaborated with ¡Mayday! in the past on his Toxic Space EP. You can check out more of  Phil Mauro’s music here.



D.U.Ivan, which stands for Don’t Underestimate Ivan, is a Miami-based emcee who has collaborated frequently with ¡Mayday! collaborators, Miami Beat Wave, and he brings a unique style of his own. D.U.Ivan produces most of his own music, and his set was filled with energy from the time he stepped onto the stage. Check the video below.


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The West Coast veteran emcee of Potluck fame was the last onstage before the headliners. The OG Stoner’s set brought a vibe close to traditional hip-hop. 1Ton kept it real with the crowd and had the quote of the night about him not coming to perform for the crowd, instead he came to party with the crowd. Even with all the partying and touring he mentioned how he’s a father first and rapper second and would not miss his daughters’ birthdays no matter where in the world his music takes him, real shit.


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The Main Event


¡Mayday!, who are 6 albums deep into their Strange Music discography since joining the label in 2011, has created their own lane by making timeless genre-blending music. One of those albums is a collaboration with the underground legendary West Coast emcee MURS as ¡MURSday!, and the other 5 albums from the group are different from the last. The latest album South of 5th is their first venture into Reggae and during this tour they’ve adapted that sound to select songs in their back catalog while performing on stage.

NonMS’ started the show with a literal bang by playing different types of percussion before Bernz and Wrek joined him, and the trio started their set performing “Run Up” off their South of 5th album. They transitioned that into “Fuel to the Fire,” which has a Miami sound, and they made the transition effortlessly to “Badlands,” which is a song from their first album,  2012’s Take Me to Your Leader, but this time NonMs plays the bongo drums and the beat sounds more island infused than rock like the original version. Wrek’s rapid flow is still the same on the new beat, which makes this a fresh spin on a classic song by the group. They continued this trend for songs like “Believers,” “Shots Fired,” and “Stun Gun Stick Up,” which was an innovative way to incorporate old tracks with their new sound.

Next, we found “Shelter,” until it was “Next to Go,” and these two songs perfectly transitioned live, just as well, as they do on their album. After performing a couple more songs from their back catalog, Wrekonze spit a freestyle straight off the dome for the fans in attendance. It was only fitting that a completely original freestyle was followed by “Forever New,” which led to “Unplug.” As the band took a moment to unplug, we were treated to an interlude of NonMS showing off his dance skills while Bernz and Wrek were drumming and DJing, respectively.

The group got back into their “Zones,” and went with the West Coast vibe and performed the second track off their 2014 MURSday LP.   Since their discography is deep they even had room for a couple of their solo tunes. Each emcee performed a track from their debut Strange Music solo albums with Wrek’s “Can’t Be Alone” which showcases his rapid flow and Bernz’ “It Don’t Go,” which shows his ability to create catchy tunes.

Things started to slow down after they performed “Roaches,”  Bernz did another solo track with “Smoke N Fuck,” and they decided to close things out with “Space Cadet” and “Antenna,” two tracks from 2015’s Future Vintage LP.  The fans in attendance started chanting “Mayday” wanting the band to return and their fans got what they wanted. First Bernz came out and performed his verse on “Shortcuts and Dead Ends,” the last cut from their 2013 album Believers. After Bernz finished the hook there was some dramatic build for Wrekonize to return and lay his verse on the track. The track is one of the group’s most personal, each emcee starts his verse with “where do I start,”they rap about the trials and tribulations they’ve been through in their careers, and their verses end with the same impactful line from both emcees, “when it’s all said and done we ain’t here that long, better get your feet wet!”



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South of 5th is in stores and online everywhere.


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