Captain Marvel (2019) |Trailer Thoughts|

Update: Check out the full review here.

After much anticipation, the second official trailer for Captain Marvel was released last night. The film will be the twenty-first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first to be set in the 1990s. This will also be MCU’s first movie with a female lead as Brie Larson flies into action as the film’s titular heroine.


The film’s aesthetic looks in line with the comics. There are vibrant colors throughout the trailer, and the film doesn’t look like it’s CGI overkill. Carol Danvers’s origins seem to be inline with the comic as well, just based off the clips given. Samuel L. Jackson makes his return as Nick Fury, and I think we’re going to finally learn how he lost his eye, could it be by that cat at the end of the trailer? The only thing I have reservations about is Brie Larson’s performance. Just based on both of the released trailers, something sounds off, and she comes off as boring, but hopefully that won’t be the case. Overall, I’m looking forward to Marvel’s  next space adventure/ retro film and how it furthers the plot for Avengers 4.


Captain Marvel is scheduled to be released in theater March 8, 2019


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