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Wendy’s Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich doesn’t waffle out on a classic pairing |Food Review|

Wendy’s, the fast-food chain whose tweets stay true to its red-headed mascot because they have no-soul, better yet they’re true to their slogan because they’re always fresh and never frozen when it comes to beef, has introduced their newest sandwich just in time for the holiday season. Wendy’s newest sandwich is called the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich and here is a tweet of the sandwich below.

First Look

Based on the tweet above the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich looks flavorful doesn’t it? Starting from the top that croissant bun is flakier than that friend that you can’t ever count on, the trio of Applewood smoked bacon is pokin’ out the circumference of the bun, and the motor oil maple syrup is drippin’ through the Swiss cheese onto the Homestyle chicken breast. I decided to go to my local Wendy’s to try out their newest concoction myself and let’s just say it didn’t look anything like the photo above.


As you can see, the visuals aren’t as appealing as the photoshoot in the tweet above. My croissant buns were not as flaky, and my three strips of Applewood bacon were not as hearty as Dave’s red-headed child made it seem. As a matter of fact, I had to do a double take to see if there was bacon in there because those three little piggies went missing, but after removing the top bun this is what my sandwich looked like.

Was it Sabroso Tho? 🤔

Enough about how the sandwich looks the people want to know how does it taste?

As you can tell by the melted cheese on the wrapper my Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich was made to order. I went through the drive-thru and as soon as the bag was in my car the aroma from the maple syrup glaze stuck like sap to my nasal passage.

Sidenote, the Homestyle chicken breast is my least favorite of the chicken sandwiches that Wendy’s offers. In my opinion, the Spicy and the Grilled options are more flavorful – with that said the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich turns the regular Homestyle Chicken Sandwich on it’s head. The sweetness from the maple syrup glaze pairs well with the savory flavor of the Applewood bacon strips.

I’m not even a huge fan of Swiss cheese but it doesn’t detract from the overall taste of the sandwich. The croissant bun didn’t really have a distinct flavor to distinguish itself from a normal bun. I think if the bun was an actual croissant it would add more to the taste of the sandwich. This sandwich is something the chain should offer year round. The tweet referenced above might’ve had an incorrect visual representation of the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich, but it is true to its word when it comes to getting all-day breakfast flavor.



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The Bacon Maple Chicken sandwich is currently at select Wendy’s locations for a limited time only.

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  1. Looking forward to more food reviews! The croissant bun definitely caught my attention, so kind of disappointed that it didn’t add much. But I’m probably gonna head to Wendy’s tomorrow to try this out anyways.

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