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Why Películas & Cosas?

A frequently asked question is the meaning behind the name of the site, and if there is some kind of deep meaning behind it? Not really, the meaning is all in the name. The content that’s usually posted here is about movies [Películas] and sometimes other things [Cosas]. 


A breakdown of the rating system

Fresh Horchata – The highest rating a film can get on this website. This rating is rare and usually reserved for cinema that is as close to perfect as a movie can be. These films aren’t some bland tomatoes, these are movies that audiences MUST WATCH.

Fuego The second highest rating, which is reserved for films that are well-crafted, there might be a couple missteps but overall, these are films that are highly recommended. SHOULD WATCH.

Bueno – Good is the simplest way to describe these movies. They’re entertaining enough that you won’t leave the theater mad that you saw it; however, they could’ve done more to be great. GO WATCH, BUT DON’T RUSH.

así así – The last of the ratings that are recommendation worthy. These are films where you walk out of the theater thinking that they were just okay, eh, meh, blah, or any other onomatopoeia that you can think of. WATCH AT HOME.

Basura – Garbage. Gah-Bawge. This rating is reserved for films that are a waste of time because someone forgot to throw the screenplay in a wastebasket. No one likes to call someone else’s art garbage because all of this is subjective, but somethings have to be said. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

All Mames Wey –  The worst. Excruciatingly painful and saying that it was a waste of time would be a compliment. Save yourself the trouble and DO. NOT. WATCH.

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