Lebron James: The Shop-time Laker (Sample Post)

The purple and gold have seen their lowest points in franchise history. Throughout the 1980s the Los Angeles Lakers were one of the most exciting teams in the NBA. Led by Magic Johnson, the Lakers ran an uptempo style of offense dubbed “Showtime,” which earned them eight conference titles and five NBA championships during the decade.

The LA Lakers have not made the playoffs since 2013. Currently, these LA Lakers are led by Showtime-era Laker and the current President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson. This season, Magic was supposed to put his nickname to use and lead the Lakers back to glory with the Thanos of the Eastern Conference, LeBron James. LeBron took a paycut to leave the dumpster fire that are the Cavaliers (again!) to play for LA, a team going into the season that had much potential to be a threat to the Warriors in the Western Conference. The Lakers are a team filled with lottery picks, veterans, and in 2017, they traded a couple of guys to Cleveland, to create space for LeBron.

Now that they have their big catch and perhaps the greatest Millennial Athlete of All-Time, they are currently sitting 10th in the west. Unfortunately, the closest thing to “Showtime” these Lakers are going to get is an HBO show produced by LeBron. On tonight’s episode of The Shop, LeBron is joined by guests Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, Antonio Brown, Possible Future Laker Anthony Davis and more. Today has been a busy day for King James, not only is season 2 of his show premiering but he also A&R’d 2 Chainz’ newest album (released today). Maybe LeBron’s move to LA wasn’t to focus on winning basketball this season, but to expand his portfolio off of it instead. In 2019, Lakers fans have been purple in the face, and perhaps after a few more big signings in 2020, they’ll return to obtaining the gold of their past.

Season 2 of The Shop premieres tonight at 10:30 PM EST on HBO.


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